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npm Name Disputes

To protect the integrity of the npm registry, we only transfer names under specific circumstances. If you would like to dispute the ownership of a package, org, or username on npm.js, please use this form.

Please note, due to the sensitive nature of these requests, name dispute requests can take multiple weeks to complete. We appreciate your patience. See our disputes policy for more information.

What type of name are you requesting? (check all that apply)

What is the nature of your request? (check one)

If you are a business or organization, this request must be submitted from an email domain that matches your business.

If you hold a trademark to this name and believe there is a clear case of confusion between the module name and your mark, please review our Trademark Policy to determine if you should submit a trademark policy violation report.

For businesses and orgs we recommend considering options that will ensure your ability to retain access to the name even if individual staff leave.