Get help with GitHub Enterprise Server

GitHub Enterprise Server licensing and support is now managed through a enterprise account. An enterprise account administrator can entitle other people to use this support portal. See the About the Support Portal article for more information.

If you use GitHub Enterprise Server but are not involved in its adminstration, please contact your company's IT helpdesk for access and use questions or visit the GitHub Community Forum

If you cannot login to your account or your enterprise account administrator has not entitled you, you can submit a GitHub Enterprise Server support ticket by providing your license, a diagnostics file from your server, or by clicking the 'New support request' button in the GitHub Enterprise server management console. If you do not have an enterprise account please also submit a request for a new enterprise account

If you are a Premium Support customer, you must be support entitled for your SLA to apply to your ticket.

If your ticket is about an upgrade, please select the release you're upgrading to.

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